We make custom steel Railings, Gates, Fencing, Designer Furniture and Window-Door Grills. Our products produced are made from heavy gauge “real” steel.

Many of the decorative metal railing and fencing (which is most often seen) are made of aluminum or very thin steel tubing. Of course these materials are easily damaged or do not last for a long time due to oxidation or rusting.

We can also incorporate wood, plastic, glass, upholstery fabric or other metals such as copper and aluminum when needed as part of the design or function. The work we do may be finished in many ways including patinas, creative paint and galvanizing.

Got an idea?? See something somewhere you like?? Well then, contact us for a free consultation to see if together your idea can become a reality for you! …..and yes, we do travel to the surrounding towns and areas around Topeka.